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Speeds up to 50Mbps, Dedicated Internet Services, T1, Wifi/Hotspot Solutions for the Office or Events, Network Setup, Certified Premise Cabling Installation, Vineyard Monitoring, Remote Cameras
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Stay Connected to Family & Friends, Endless Entertainment for the Whole Family, Services Starting at $29.99 per Month
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What if I don’t like it? We are confident you will love our internet service as much as we do! To prove it we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
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What is Air Fiber Elite Internet Service?
It is a high speed, low latency internet service that provides ethernet handoff from a fixed wireless connection to one of our access point towers. It’s very similar to fast DSL or cable service in experience, but available in areas that those services are poor or not available. Our ever expanding and upgraded Air Fiber Elite Network is bringing high speed internet to underserved areas. Download music faster, play games better, search for jobs, get educated, watch TV online & have fun with our high tech Air Fiber Elite Internet Service. Upgrade your internet today!

Why North Coast Internet?


how it works?

Fixed Wireless Broadbanc is not a satellite service. An antenna is typically installed on the outside of your home or business. This antenna transmits a signal to a tower. These towers are connected to our fiber optic backbone…